Door or Beach? People are losing their minds over this viral pic

Gelo Lasin

Following in the footsteps of that blue/gold dress and Yanny/Laurel, a new viral debate is tearing the Internet apart.

This time, it’s this pic that has the pvblic asking: Is this a door or a beach?


Before you scoff and say ‘That’s obviously a door/beach you dummy!’, the discussion is seriously alive and well as people are confused AF.



People went so far as to edit the pic to make sense of it all




The original poster eventually revealed that it was a beach


Altho people were unconvinced



But in an intense investigation by Buzzfeed News (people were really serious about this), it was revealed that IT IS A BEACH!

Buzzfeed reverse-image-searched the pic and it turned out to be a snap of the Miramar Beach in Florida.

The image was heavily photoshopped to confuse the fuck out of people.


At least this mystery had some sense of closure, unlike this one

It’s blue guys, c’mon.

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