How Donnalyn Bartolome’s ‘binuntis’ comment can do more harm than good


It’s only February and Donnalyn has yet another comment circulating the Internet.

From being grateful to have a job, to being thankful for being pregnant: when is taking things in a “positive” light too much that it turns toxic?

YouTuber and Internet sensation Donnalyn Bartolome is not one that isn’t used to being on the trends list. From trending because of her funny YouTube content to releasing her new music, and even sharing some of her “positivity” sentiments online, the artist behind ‘Kakaibabe’ is truly a kakaibabe.

This time, shortly after her “new year new mindset post, the 28-year-old is making her rounds on social media AGAIN, for her “ako walang bumuntis.. parang talo mo ako sa ganda” comment.

Donnalyn, <b> How Donnalyn Bartolome&#8217;s &#8216;binuntis&#8217; comment can do more harm than good </b>

In a now-deleted post, Donnalyn shared what seems to be a message meant to have been said with good intentions (to give her the benefit of the doubt), but was again, worded very poorly. By the looks of it, Donnalyn might have been trying to console mothers who feel unconfident about how they look after giving birth following a fan’s comment on her post which she also replied to.

Now, the thought is honestly good because it is never wrong to empower women. Women lifting other women up is how it really should be. However, what Donnalyn said might actually end up causing more harm than good. Especially, to her younger followers.

As someone that makes a wide array of content, Donnalyn should be mindful that her followers would consist of different demographics. And this could include a younger and impressionable audience.

Saying that the commenter should be thankful because she got impregnated gives a very dangerous message to younger people. “Mommy isipin mo nalang binuntis ka.. sa sobrang ganda mo siguro.” It might give younger girls the idea that their worth would always be reliant on the male gaze.

Society is already plagued with unrealistic beauty standards that women are bound to, and this comment adds to that by implying that a woman’s beauty or worth relies on whether or not a man wants to sleep with her.

For a woman to say this and have this idea just proves how our society is still predominantly patriarchal.

On the other hand, it might give guys the excuse to use this narrative on girls to get them to sleep with them. As if men don’t already have enough “tricks” on women.

It might also give the message of supporting unprotected sex. Unprotected sex does not only people at risk of STIs, but it could also lead to unplanned pregnancies.

Moreover, the Internet also brought up a very important point: what about women who were victims of sexual assault? Because of the word she also used, “binuntis” which is different from “nabuntis” as the former sounds more forced.

True enough, each and every one of us should always have positivity in us. However, we should also know when this positivity turns toxic. Every time Donnalyn trends for the wrong reasons also serves as our reminder to always think before we click because once our post is out on the Internet, it can affect more people than we think.

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