DonBelle makes their big screen comeback with ‘An Inconvenient Love’


An Inconvenient Love had their world premiere last night

It is also showing in over 175 cinemas nationwide and abroad!

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano, collectively known as DonBelle, headline Star Cinema’s big-screen comeback with their latest movie, ‘An Inconvenient Love’ directed by Petersen Vargas.

‘An Inconvenient Love’ had their world premiere at SM Megamall last night, and the couple walked the red carpet to a full crowd anticipating the much-awaited rom-com.

The film follows the story of Manny (Donny) and Ayef (Belle) who have a mutual attraction to each other. Ayef, who yearns to be an animator abroad is adamant to reach her dreams despite struggles. Manny, on the other hand, wants to pursue his own business. The pair then make a pact that they will only date under a contract with an expiration date.

A scene in the trailer also reveals a more serious tone when Manny tells Ayef that she only loves him when it is easy but love isn’t supposed to be perfect.

Is love worth the inconvenience?


An Inconvenient Love’ hits the theaters today, November 23.

DonBelle previously starred in their first film together as a love team, ‘Love is Color Blind’ and the two seasons of the hit youth series ‘He’s Into Her’.

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