Apart from all the other interesting things that R/PH has to offer, a donation drive was posted on the subreddit recently. The initiative is dubbed as For Healthcare Workers and Filipinos: A Meal from Filipinos to Frontliners.

Per Manila Bulletin, a group called R/PH for Healthcare Workers and Filipinos is composed of users from Reddit and other social media platforms who aim to help healthcare frontliners working in state-run hospitals in Metro Manila.

The RPH4HCW group stated that their initiative also supports small businesses in the country amid the rise of COVID-19 cases. They said, ‘In response, our team of Redditors willing to help is asking for donations to help small businesses thrive while also supporting the medical community.’

‘These donations would enable the team to buy meals from small businesses for health care professionals,’ they added.

A spreadsheet containing details on the donations for transparency can be found in RPH4HCW’s Facebook page. They also stated that another spreadsheet will be available for tracking expenditures.

Their recent post contained images showing their efforts on providing food to frontliners from the Lung Center of the Philippines. They gave out salad spring rolls, bilobilo, ginataang monggo, and palitaw.

The initiative has a long way to go as they stated, ‘This is just the beginning! We still have 8 hospitals to attend to.’

The donation drive aims to support the following hospitals and healthcare facilities below:

  1. Lung Center of the Philippines
  2. Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center
  3. Jose Reyes Medical Center
  4. Philippine Heart Center
  5. Philippine General Hospital
  6. Jose Rodriguez Medical Center
  7. Philippine Children’s Medical Center
  8. Veterans Memorial Medical Center
  9. Philippine Orthopedic Center

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Banner credits: R/PH for Healthcare Workers and Filipinos