Doja Cat released the first-ever ‘codable’ music video


You’ve probably heard of Doja Cat through her many chart-topping hits, on TikTok, or you’ve seen her Mooo! music video if you’re an OG. But this time, she recently released another MV, which is said to be the first-ever codable music video.

The interactive visual for her song Woman involves the usual things you see in the singer-rapper’s previous releases: infectious dance numbers, eye-catching fashion, and a futuristic space vibe. But for this, she partnered with nonprofit organization Girls Who Code, to get more women to be interested in programming and computer science.

To check out the codable music video, head to to virtually enter Planet Her. You can explore three different programming languages such as CSS, JavaScript, or Python. When you start playing Woman, the site takes you on an adventure as you have the option to personalize different scenes (with the help of coding, of course).

Throughout the code-filled version of the MV, you can also change other features like controlling the time of day in the video, the petals that fall down on Doja Cat, the character’s nail colors, and more. Once you’ve completed it, you can opt to download or share your creation on social media.

The “coding” part of the whole process won’t appear too complicated, but the experience can be a fun introduction to women who want to try their hand in programming. Besides, who said only men can thrive in science and tech, right?

Meanwhile, you can also watch the non-codable version of  Woman‘s music video below.

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