This doggo responds to Harry Potter spells and it’s LEGIT adorable

Gelo Lasin

Some dog owners might be content with the traditional ‘fetch’ and ‘play dead’ commands, but actress Anna Brisbin made sure hers was special from the rest.

In a viral tweet, the Harry Potter superfan revealed that she actually trained her Daschund (aptly named ‘Remus’) to respond to spells from the beloved book series.

One scenario sees Anna saying ‘Avada Kedavra’ while pointing her wand at the adorable pup – who in turn, would adorably play dead.

Almost all of the notable spells are featured in the video, including ‘Wingardium Leviosa’ (which prompts Remus to stand), ‘Accio’ (which is basically ‘fetch’) and ‘Immobilus’ (meaning ‘stay’).

Even J.K Rowling herself liked the tweet featuring the 10-month old pupper, whose training began when he was two months old.

Watch the video here: