What if he doesn’t show up to the wedding?

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You’ve waited for it for so long. You’ve dreamt of it ever since you were a little girl. You thought your prince would come sweep you off your feet.

Today’s finally the day. But what if he doesn’t show up?

Legendary videographer Jason Magbanua posted the video in partnership with SM (THANK GOD FOR THAT. I couldn’t bear it if she was really stood up before the wedding). He wrote, “In all the weddings I’ve shot, the groom always shows up. So this is a BIG what if? situation.”

The video revolves around a bride looking for her missing groom just hours before the wedding. She tells what seems to be a bridesmaid her observations.

She says things have changed. Little things like the way he doesn’t open the door for her anymore, or the way he doesn’t seem as excited to take her out, or the way he seems to not care when she’s gone as if he doesn’t miss her.

Afterwards, we see the groom talk to his groomsman. About what, you ask? Well, you’re just going to have to find out for yourself:

In the face of doubt, the love that believes, overcomes.

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