Did you know the 888 life principle?

We The Pvblic

We are given 24 hours everyday and it can be divided into 3 sets of 8 hours to fill our daily tasks. Do not be confused because this has nothing to do with Feng Shui. If you happen to be a believer of such, you’ll feel and be luckier when you manage to follow and balance this principle.

8 hours of sleep

No ifs, no buts. Having a complete sleep is the primary task in order to do the two other things listed. This helps you to concentrate more to be efficient and productive at work. Sleep deprivation results to premature skin aging, losing focus, gaining weight and acquiring other serious health problems.

8 hours of work

A 9-5 daily grind is the usual working hours. Anything that goes beyond that is considered working overtime.  Tell yourself that there will be no work related stuff as you get home. Studies show that being overworked slowly damages your overall well-being.

8 hours of social life

Both intrapersonal development and interpersonal communication should be given attention.

  • Take your time to meditate whether at home or better if you’re enrolled in a yoga class.
  • Exercising should not be a thing of the past
  • Pampering yourself once in a while
  • Doing your hobby or allot a time for entertainment
  • Spend quality time with your family, friends and loved ones.

However, this should not be done relentlessly. You can do more things on the weekends since there are more free time than during workdays. Overtime work may be inevitable but you can always use your time efficiently in the given regular work frame. Time with your family and love ones may be sacrificed in exchange of obtaining a higher compensation. Above all, do not forget to have time for yourself. The end results will be living a happy, rewarding and accomplishing life for striking a good balance.