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Lasallians answer if they can live on a 100 peso weekly budget


When you’re a student, receiving your allowance is one of the things you probably look forward to. When it comes to actress and Miss Universe Philippines candidate Kisses Delavin, she shared that she only spent one hundred pesos a week during her time as a student at De La Salle University (DLSU).

Over the weekend, the interview of Delavin on Boy Abunda’s The Purple Chair Interview circulated on the internet because of her surprising answer. She shared, ‘Sina mommy and daddy pinapabaonan ako ng P1000 per day sa La Salle, pero I think I would spend mga 100, one week na yun. It’s an adjustment na of course, you have to consider your friends din, pero I always make sure I don’t spend too much.’

The aspiring beauty queen explained that she doesn’t consider herself as someone “kuripot” back in college, but she was cautious with the things she splurged on. She also said that she ate meals in her condo which was located across from her school.

‘I remember when I was a child, my mother and father would work from Monday to Sunday and I learned the value of money,she added. ‘That’s why the first time when I had a baon na money was in first-year high school because I don’t like to spend money that much. Because I know how hard it is to earn that money.’

We The Pvblic asked a few *students from DLSU if it really is possible to live off of a 100 peso weekly budget. The following respondents were from batches 2015, 2016, and 2017.


It’s not possible because one cup of coffee or milk tea from Taft costs more than a hundred pesos. It might be possible if lagi ka nagpapalibre. If you’re privileged enough and EVERYTHING is provided already and you don’t have to commute going to school then it’s doable, I guess?


It’s still not possible even if a student brings their own meal. You can do online learning so that you don’t spend anything.


I usually spent Php. 3,000 a week during my stay in DLSU. It’s not possible to live off PHP 100 per week without putting yourself in a difficult circumstance. Especially a college student in Taft P100 is not realistic.


Even if a student buys street food for a week, it isn’t possible. My allowance was 3k a week but sometimes I can save up to 1-2k at most if I don’t go out sa weekends.

kisses, <b>Lasallians answer if they can live on a 100 peso weekly budget </b>


It’s possible if a student lives in a condo, where they eat their meal. For printing and school supplies. I think 100-200 is enough if you are matipid and know the right places. If you hang out with friends, both food and drinks around Taft are more than a hundred. But if a student only goes to class and back to the condo, then it is attainable.


No. 100 pesos could only serve as transportation money. Maybe go on lots of dates and get free food.


The amount is nearly impossible or rather unrealistic for a week. There are several daily expenses to consider like transportation, food, essentials. If you can live off PHP100 per week, edi wow hahaha galeng mo mag budget mam/ser.


Nope. Make utang or randomly ask a lot of people for 5-peso coins on campus.


It’s enough if a student lives in a condo, has a personal driver, or doesn’t really hang out with friends. It’s also possible if you “get rich friends.”

*The names of the participants were changed to maintain anonymity.

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