DLSU’s grad ceremony for a cat is adorably extra

Gelo Lasin

De La Salle University might’ve just held the most adorable, hilarious and extra school event of all time.

The Taft-based school recently held a graduation ceremony for ‘Archer‘, the University’s mascot and one of the many cats which can be found roaming around the campus.


Apparently, the beloved feline, who has become the students’ fave over the years, is now being adopted due to lingering health issues.


The University really went all out for Archer’s farewell, which includes a custom grad attire…


…and his own ID number


But apparently, Archer is prone to stage fright (can relate), as he immediately abandoned ship and ran off the stage at the very first opportunity.




They even hosted a musical number, merchandise AND a tour for the cat!

God damn, even cum laudes don’t get this much attention.




Let’s check back on Archer.

Yep, he still won’t budge.


Oh look, they finally got him!



Congrats Archer! I’m sure you’ll be missed!

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