This artist turned these Disney Princesses into legit badass warriors

Gelo Lasin

Russian artist Artemii Myasnikov decided to give these beloved Disney princesses a warrior makeover after getting sick and tired of seeing women as the damsel in distresses.

Speaking to Bored Panda, Artemii shared:

‘I immediately wanted to draw a Snow White (because to me she’s the most damsel-in-distress-y princess ever) that would be armed, dangerous, and in charge of her own fate. That’s how the sequence started.’ 

With a mix of fantasy and future-themed inspirations, the designs came out looking nothing short of badass.

Belle and the HypeBeast


Cinderella friggin hates glass slippers


Snow White and her Army of Dwarves

Don’t sleep on Aurora

Tiana the Mage

Merida as intense as her flaming red hair

Jasmine going in for the kill

Rapunzel will cut more than just hair

Pocahontas needs no John Smith

Mulan and Mushu are heating things up

Ariel riding Sebastian into battle? HOLY SH*T