‘I can’t be tamed’: Direk Darryl Yap on what makes ‘VinCentiments’ tick

Gelo Lasin

The man with the golden touch

‘VinCentiments’ is the hottest name on social media right now thanks to its hilarious short films such as ‘Perstaym Taympers‘, ‘Kung Pwede Lang‘, ‘Jowable‘ and its sequel.

Going viral is just another day at the office for the prod group

VinCentiments’ bold and humorous take on all-too-relatable topics has made it a legit hit among netizens. This, for the most part, is due to the brilliance of its scripts, made by its director, Darryl Yap.

We The Pvblic snagged an interview with the phenom to talk more about ‘VinCentiments’, his humble beginnings, as well as secrets to filmmaking success.

First of all, where did you get the name ‘VinCentiments’?

‘Vincentiments was named after SAWAKAS editor/cinematographer, Vincent Asis.’

‘We can’t use SAWAKAS’ name, given the content of our films. It may cause academic and institutional affiliations, so we decided to make another page.’

For your films, how does the whole creative process work?

‘I make a script. I assign a character. Vincent shoots, edits, and posts.’

‘I don’t want to make it sound like we are the only two (making those shorts). We are all in this (together), the whole prod.’

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Where do you get the inspiration for your short films?

‘I just draw ideas from social media platforms, technically, you get nutrients naman from the food source itself’

‘I’m (also) a writer (and) a playwright. I have a pool of scripts since SAWAKAS is already 9 years (old).’

What made you decide to get into directing in the first place?

(I’ve been) writing since elementary days. (I wrote) school features, poems and essays.

In 2016, my short film ‘Squatterina’ gave me my first director award from the National Commission for Culture and The Arts.

What do you think makes ‘VinCentiments’ films so successful?

My ‘shorts’ are real.

No one funds us so I am not tied. I can handle bastos, and I can’t be tamed.

We’re raw, uncensored and hard-hittin.

Will there be any topic that is off limits for you guys?’

Hardcore politics and happy endings, I guess. *laughs*

So what’s in store for your future as well as ‘VinCentiments’?

‘I’ll be starting film projects with VIVA na, hopefully before the year ends.’

‘As for VinCentiments, ‘Kung Pwede Lang’ will have four more sequels.

‘Agaw-Eksena (the prod’s signature one angle shot challenge) will release #VIRGINmarie – our 10th in the planned 12 film series.’

Any advice for aspiring filmmakers out there?

‘Always choose limitation over imagination.’

‘Work with what’s tangible, work with what’s with you, work with your limits, so you will not be enslaved ambition.’

‘Know how far your talent goes.’


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