We can do better than these ‘Dingdong Dantes’ memes

Look, we don’t have anything against Dingdong Dantes. He’s a recognizable actor who seems to be an even better human being. He isn’t the problem.

No, the prob here is this ‘first local meme of 2020’ (*sigh*), which sees people doing supposedly hilarious puns of his name. As with most things on the Internet, no one knows how it exactly began, only that it quickly spiraled into something cringy and pilit.

dingdong, <b> We can do better than these &#8216;Dingdong Dantes&#8217; memes </b>

Sure, there are a few gems (Dingdong Donetest and Pingpong Dantes had us chuckling), but the trend has devolved into literally slapping a random word next to Dingdong’s name and calling it a day.

Hell, I would take Bavarian Rivera and Marian Hilera over these any other week.



For a crowd that birthed the creepy ‘Kara Mia‘ and the always golden ‘President Nadine Lustre‘ memes, things could be better. Maybe we’ll just chalk it up to shaking off that New Year’s rust, yeah?