Did Mercury Retrograde really make people cheat?


No amount of Harry Potter witchcraft & wizardry has prepared us for this madness.

The Zodiac signs have become like a second language of Gen Zs. Often times people relate their attitude and personality with astrology, attempting to justify particular needs and behaviors. It’s kind of like saying you’re a jerk because you’re a libra or something. 

Though as entertaining astrology is for everybody, the month of September warned the people about the “terrifying” mercury retrograde. Supposedly, this period captured September with a strong grip on miscommunication and messy relationship shifts.

And boy, did this retrograde crash and burn over lots of bridges. Although we might find it hard to believe, there’s no denying that the current adultery exposés coincided with this astrological sign.

September’s headlines showcased Adam Levine, Ned Fulmer, and (allegedly) Chiz Escudero– the cheating trifecta.


embarrassed I was involved w a man with this utter lack of remorse and respect. #greenscreen

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Mercury doesn’t care, but Sigmund Freud does.

We could also take on a more realistic path for those not impressed by a planet’s movement and how it changes the course of human relationships.

“Where such men love they have no desire and where they desire they cannot love,” said Freud on his dichotomy of intimate relationships. This observation connects with the multiple occurrences of men cheating on their significant other. It’s called the Madonna-Whore Complex, where women are perceived to classify which end of the spectrum they are, but can never be both.

This thought could be seen patterned up with Adam, Ned, and (allegedly) Chiz. Despite having angelic wives (with one being an actual VS angel), if a man sees his loving and nurturing wife as a Madonna in this situation, they can never turn into whores.

So what can they do in order to meet the other end of the dichotomy? They cheat.


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For some men, cheating is a way for them to relieve themselves of their sexual pleasures. Because often their pleasures are linked to oversexualizing and/or objectifying women, they simply cannot do those things to their spouses. This analysis goes vice-versa: if they want a loving, committed relationship, they cannot rely on someone they consider to be a slut.

Of course, in today’s generation, women can be both sexually active and caring or they can be neither of those things. This psychoanalysis shouldn’t have to label anyone because it only perpetuates stereotypes and dehumanizes the female gender as an object of desire.

So whose fault is it?

As much as we want to blame the planets doing weird movements or Freud and his mommy issues, it all boils down to the people who commit infidelity. 

No matter how much justification there is for adultery, a man will cheat if they want to cheat. And it will never be because the woman has her insufficiency in the relationship. There’s an undeniable thrill that comes with having an affair, however, consequences will still follow, and they will be heavier than the marital crime they’ve committed.

For example, Ned Fulmer has been fired from his own company, Try Guys. His ex-colleagues released a statement on his absence, and had him removed from all of their upcoming projects (through a very costly effort too); the reason being simply that Ned is held accountable for his unprofessionalism in the workplace.

It’s easy to blame the retrograde for our actions but destroying relationships no matter what time of the year it is will never be caused by some planets misaligning with earth.

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