‘Delubyo’ is a creepy standout from UNIQUE’s second album, ‘Pangalan’


ICYMI, UNIQUE dropped his newest album ‘Pangalan’ at midnight today, Friday, March 27. And while his follow-up to 2018’s ‘Grandma’ included singles such as ‘Lamang Lupa’ and Bukod Tangi‘, it was a 5-minute track titled ‘Delubyo’ that caught everybody’s attention.

The track contains no lyrics and consists of a mishmash of sounds, from eerie laughter, a woman pleading and crying, to a preacher lecturing about God. And as it turns out, listening to Delubyo’s randomness in the middle of the night wasn’t exactly ideal.

Some fans also played the track in reverse – and it did nothing to ease the creep factor.


But in case disturbing tracks aren’t your thing, Pangalan has 7 others to put your mind at ease. Take a listen to the rest below.

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