Debold Sinas is now totally okay with your outrage


This lockdown has had its fair share of weird moments. We’ve seen people risk their lives for cake, Duterte fanatics bashing an Indian school page, and the double standards of the law.

Now, it seems that NCRPO Chief Debold Sinas has become the shining example of how to rise above hardship – at least to his men. In an interview with GMA News, Sinas claims to have ‘recovered’ from the public backlash he got from his quarantine birthday part-erm, ‘mañanita’.

Apparently, he chalks up the experience as part of the burden of being a leader.

Sinas, <b> Debold Sinas is now totally okay with your outrage </b>

‘Low morale, siyempre nandiyan ‘yan. But I recovered and I show sa mga tao ko na that’s part of the game, that’s part of leadership’, said Sinas. ‘Part sa trabaho yan, part sa batikos yan, ‘di ba?’

Everybody, hold your applause.

While Sinas isn’t exactly a ‘role model’ in any other aspect – seeing as he’s facing criminal charges for violating protocols – he, at least, taught us the value of making powerful friends.  Breaking the law, it seems, is something you can simply walk off, one that won’t get your position revoked, as long as your good chums with the Chief himself.

What an example of leadership, indeed.