Here’s why people think #DeathPenaltyForRape is a crappy idea

Gelo Lasin

By now, you’ve prob heard of the brutal murder of a 16-year-old girl in Cebu.

It’s one of the most baffling crimes today, as the victim’s face was found skinned, exposing the skull. Her internal organs, such as the tongue and esophagus, were also missing.

Plus, the body was found naked from the waist down, suggesting that she might’ve been raped. However, the police later implied that it might not be the case, as they didn’t find fresh lacerations on her genitals.

Still, it was enough for the Internet to demand the heads of those responsible, with the hashtag #DeathPenaltyForRape becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

But amidst a sea of advocates, there are a chosen few who say ‘You know what, #DeathPenaltyForRape seems like a pretty shitty and knee-jerk reaction type of idea.’

Why you may ask? It’s of the simple belief that our justice system kinda sucks.




These people believe that capital punishment will only be abused by those in power and that the poor, which have little to no access to a proper legal defense team, will be the ones to suffer.


In fact, hasn’t the country been technically under a ‘death penalty’ rule all this time? *cough* Oplan Tokhang *cough*

How’s that working out so far?


There’s even a study which says that it’s the certainty of getting caught, NOT the gravity of punishment, that proves to be an effective deterrent of crime.

We could enact all the laws we want, but if there’s no one to fairly implement them, they will ultimately be useless.


How about you? What’s your stance on reviving the death penalty?

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