Dear influencers, please let people go on with their lives


From dancing in front of an escalator to anti-hauls, influencers are being called out by the Internet

Please use your platforms wisely.

In this day and age, influencers are taking the Internet by storm with the wide array of content that they produce.

There are those that use their platforms to speak up about timely issues or create educational content backed up by research, but there are also those that need to be reminded of their responsibility before posting.

These days, some influencers are brought into the spotlight due to the insurgence of anti-hauls while one creator used her platform to call out another influencer for acting irresponsibly and potentially causing harm to others.

Colourette Cosmetics CEO Ms. Nina Cabrera took to Twitter to call out Simon Joseph Javier also known as Simon Says Vlog who posted a video of him dancing while in front of an escalator. Ms. Cabrera reasoned that he could have moved further away from the silver platform so he wouldn’t be an obstruction to the passersby.

Mr. Javier has since then removed the video from his TikTok account but has not yet released a statement.

On the other hand, beauty creators on TikTok are facing a bit of backlash on the Anti-Haul trend where beauty content creators share products they do not recommend.

It is true that it is still the consumer’s responsibility to thoroughly research and take every recommendation with a pinch of salt because one product definitely does not fit all.

However, for a following built from support for makeup or skincare recommendations, followers call out the irony of the anti-haul.

Although opinions on products may change over time, some viewers now call out the credibility of these influencers.

@cheskabal5 #antihaul ♬ original sound – ESOSA||CONTENT CREATOR

As a quote from Spider-Man goes, ‘with great power comes great responsibility,’ influencers should remember to either use their platforms wisely and for the better, or just leave people alone if they can’t.

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