‘Deadpool 2’ is coming out with the X-Force!

We The Pvblic

“Avengers: Infinity War” may not be the only superhero movie coming out this summer. “Deadpool 2” has been released by 20th Century Fox and we’re going to see a lot more of the new X-Force.

Who wouldn’t miss Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool who’d always have a mouthful of wisecracks and a whole lot of violence? Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without his meta-commentary on superhero films.

In the trailer, Deadpool faces a new foe, Josh Brolin’s Cable, who plans to kill a kid who is just still discovering his powers.

Deadpool soon realizes he can’t take down Cable on his own, and so, he recruits other superheroes, dubbing them as the X-Force, a derivative name he admittedly took from the X-Men.

Terry Crews is in it as Bedlam (who we kind of hope does something similar to the stunts he did on White Chicks but we won’t get our hopes up).

The trailer doesn’t end without a bit of sarcasm from Reynolds’ Wade Wilson and T.J. Miller’s Weasel who take shots at endless sequels of superhero films, joking that they themselves should stop at Deadpool 2 before they ruin it.

Catch the movie on the big screen on May 18!

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