You had one job

What happens when you’re failing at the one thing you’re being paid to do? IMO, it’s time to find a new line of work, which can be said for the online trolls and their latest mishap.

ICYMI, supporters of the administration have once again trolled Vice President Leni Robredo. This time, it’s over a picture that supposedly shows the VP getting vaccinated. The detractors ridiculed the VP for ‘putting on a show’ while pointing out how insane it is to get the shot without first rolling up the sleeves of her blouse.

But the trolls apparently didn’t do their homework (have they ever?). The woman in the picture isn’t Robredo, but a certain Flordeliza Grana, a pediatric surgeon who works at the Amang Rodriguez Memorial Medical Center.

In a reaction post, Grana said she was wearing a ‘bakuna blouse’ which had slits on the sleeves. Facebook page Nurses for Change Movement showed a different angle of the shot, backing up Grana’s claim.

The mix-up had Robredo – and much of the Internet – chuckling.

‘This is ridiculously funny. Hindi po ako yan’, wrote Robredo.

‘Ayoko na sanang patulan pero ang daming nagpapadala ng mga screenshots. Kung hindi kayo busy, pa report nalang please’.

Will do, VP. Will do.

Try harder, trolls

Robredo, <b> DDS trolls are now failing at trolling, apparently </b>