DC exposes Batman’s ‘Batdick’ for the first time – immediately regrets it

Gelo Lasin

So, yeah, THAT happened

In a moment that tops the list of ‘things-that-we-never-asked-for’, DC gave the world a glimpse of Batman’s Batawang for the first time in comics history – only to immediately censor the entire thing.

Bruce Wayne’s Bat member originally appeared in one of the panels of the newly minted Batman: Damned No.1, where the Dark Knight is seen stripping off after a long night of cape crusading.

The big ‘reveal’ – which is a rarity for male characters in mainstream comics – sent people into a frenzy.

To be fair, the entire comic IS a part of DC’s ‘Black Label’, a new imprint reserved entirely for mature readers, so Batman’s Dick Grayson doesn’t seem to be entirely out of place.

Still, the entire debacle led DC to backtrack and censor Bruce’s Lil Wayne in future copies of Batman: Damned after deciding it was not ‘additive to the story.’


Personally, I wish DC decided to stick it out and just kept the little guy. It’s not because I want to see more of Batman’s mini Batmobile – it’s just that it makes him a more relatable guy.

I mean seriously, who here has never stripped off their clothes in the same way out of pure exhaustion?

Plus, the imprint IS made for mature readers, so why is nudity suddenly out of the question? Have you guys seen Game of Thrones?

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