American writer corrects Darryl Yap over misuse of article for Cory mahjong scene


“It sounds as though Mr. Yap read the piece too hastily and conflated two sentences.”

After Imelda’s 93th birthday billboard featured a plagiarized picture from filmmaker Lauren Greenfield’s The Kingmaker, another foreign award-winning personality reacted to their work being used out of context.

American Professor Anne Nelson recently reacted to a post by Vincentiments, the studio behind The Maid in Malacañang, which cited Nelson’s article as the basis for a scene in which the late president Cory Aquino is seen playing mahjong with a group of nuns.

The studio, helmed by Maid in Malacañang director-writer Darryl Yap, claimed that Yap did his research for the scene.

Nelson’s email to Elmer Baldasanso, who inquired about the scene’s legitimacy, reads:  Dear Elmer, if you read the actual text (that you included), my piece says that Cory Aquino visited the nuns for the purpose of meditation and prayer, It then says that Christine Tan spoke to the ladies “from her own comfortable background” who played mah-jongg about the problem in the Philippines.

Nelson then surmises that Darryl Yap “read the piece too hastily, and conflated two sentences.” 

“There is nothing in it that says that the nuns played mah-jjong with Cory Aquino or anyone else.” adding that there were unauthorized Tagalog translations of her piece, In the Grotto of the Pink Sisters, also produced.

Nelson took to Twitter to further set the record straight:

“In my 1989 article on Cory Aquino (see attached), I wrote 1) She visited the Pink Sisters to pray; 2) she was a friend of Sister Christine Yap; 3) Christine Yap gave talks to affluent women who sometimes played mah-jjong. No mention of Aquino or Yap playing mah-jjong.”

The scene of Cory Aquino playing mahjong with nuns was also criticized by the Carmelite sisters, who sheltered the late president during the 1986 EDSA revolution.


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