The Darren Espanto x Juan Karlos feud TRIGGERS debate on ‘gay’ insults

Gelo Lasin

Recap: Singers Darren Espanto and Juan Karlos were engaged in a lengthy and bitter Twitter feud

The issue began when Darren called out the ‘Buwan’ singer for allegedly mentioning him in a now-deleted tweet which read ‘gayness at its finest.’


Juan Karlos, for his part, completely denied that it was him who tweeted, and instead, supposedly blamed it on a ‘hacker.’


While the entire thing was a mess filled with now-deleted tweets and publicized private Instagram DMs, it was the controversial use of the gay slurs that earned the pvblic’s ire.


Some see the use of the gay slur as a reflection of our society


But others also chose to see the issue in a different light

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