It’s a question we would’ve never thought of, but would love to have answers to anyway: ‘What if a block of cheese had kids outside of wedlock?’

It was a thought posed by the newest ad from Danes Cheese, which sees ‘Bacon Bits’ encounter his fellow brothers from various different mothers. Introduced are ‘Chili’, ‘Herb & Garlic’, and ‘Sweet & Creamy’ in a hilarious scene that parodies the age-old storyline found in Filipino teleseryes.

True to the cliche, ‘Daddy Danes’ feigns ignorance of his other sons to his current partner, ‘Bacon’, as he claims ‘Hindi ko sila kilala, babe!’.

The video is another great entry to a series started by ad agency GIGIL, known for their weird, yet viral commercials with other brands such as RC Cola, Orocan, Julie’s Bakeshop.

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