Damn Jollibee, back at it again with making us cry!

We The Pvblic

As the love month rolled in, our favorite stinger dropped two videos that again are making us go “Aww…” in unison while secretly wiping something off our eyes.

Remember their CRUSH video last year? It’s the story of this cute but awkward glasses-wearing dude who found love in a bubbly burger-eating cheerleader. Dude in specs tried to pursue burger monster by secretly giving her burgers. Problem is, burger monster is actually seeing the hot basketball jock. Fast forward to the end of the vid, during their school homecoming, we see a middle-aged woman being approached by a glasses-wearing middle-aged man who handed her a Jollibee burger with a post-it that says, “Sorry, late ako.” He then told her, “Tagal kasi matulog ng mga apo natin eh.”

Relive the feels by watching the video here:

Well, just yesterday, they released CRUSH’s sequel called HOMECOMING that reveals to us how exactly dude in specs and bubbly cheerleader ended up together. We see dude in specs casting longing glances at bubbly cheerleader while she’s being taken for granted by her jock beau. One time, cheerleader fell asleep on a table, exhausted from decking the school hall for MassComm night. She woke up to the entire hall spruced up with lights and balloons and realized that dude in specs did it all – for her. Eventually, bubbly cheerleader ditched her douche jock. We then see her approach dude in specs and give him a Jollibee burger with a post-it that says, “I’m here for you.”

Get that warm fuzzy feeling by watching the video here:

They also released another new video entitled SIGNS that urges us to believe in the power of love. We see a girl telling her squad that she’ll know if a man is the one for her through signs. Asked what her favorite number is, she said 3, and so her squad told her that the third guy who’ll pass in front of them is the one for her. The third guy who passed happens to be her handsome Chemistry classmate who is sweet and nice to her. She told the universe that if he’ll ask her to go to Jollibee, no doubt, he’s the one for her. The handsome dude did invite her to Jollibee but when they got there, the dude introduced her to his girlfriend. While sulkily eating Jollibee spaghetti alone, she smeared her top with the sauce. A cute guy friend who’s a member of her squad came to her rescue, offering her his jacket to conceal the mess she made. Then, suddenly, just like magic, she realized that it’s this jacket guy who’s been the one for her all along. The signs – he was technically the third guy who passed in front of them when he got up to get a straw for her drink and he was the guy who messaged her on a chat app with, “Gusto mo ng Jollibee?”

Lunge for the Kleenex and see the video here:

Our fave stinger is not quite done yet. They dropped a third video called STATUS about a woman whose heart has been broken too many times by men she thought would love her. Then she realized that she’s been looking for love in all the wrong places and the wrong people; that love was never absent in her life as she’s loved by her family and she loves herself. And if the right one does come along, she’ll know the kind of love she truly deserves. She reminds us that even if we don’t have a love life, there’ll always be love in our life.

Warm your heart and hug yourself as you watch the video here:

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