This cute coming out story by Bench is going to make your day

We The Pvblic

We’re in love with this LGBT-friendly commercial by Bench and we’re sure it’ll make your day because we’re finally taking steps to include the LGBTQIA community in social ads.

The story follows a young guy with a traditional macho dad who mistakes his son’s dainty perfume with a girlfriend he’s eager to know more about every time he greets his dad when he gets home.

The only time he gets to be himself is at school, where he can be free from his dad’s peripheral view. He takes his cap off, he puts on the So In Love EDT scent, he wears pink — he does what he thinks he can’t do at home.

Vince shows interest in him, but he soon finds out that he isn’t the only one being given attention to.

At the end, the dad takes a whiff of his son as he gets home and notices how his scent had vanished. “Oh, ano? Wala na?” his dad asked. “Kelan ka ba magk-kwento?”

“Next time nalang po, Pa,” he answers as he goes into his room.

That’s when he notices something on the table — a note. With something familiar:

I’m not crying. You are.