Creepy baby footprints are popping up in malls – and it’s pure nightmare fuel

Gelo Lasin

It’s Halloween season again, which means it’s now time for midnight parties, terrible costumes – and creepy stories that would undoubtedly make you crap your pants.

One example is a certain rumor that is now circling Twitterverse, which is about a mysterious baby footprint that supposedly pops up at Balanga, Bataan’s malls during after hours.


If that isn’t weird enough, the single footprint is sometimes covered in mud, grease or blood.

It apparently transfers from one stall to another every night.


Occasionally, the baby footprint is also accompanied by an adult footprint.

In some cases, the footprint can also be seen during the day, seemingly popping out of nowhere.

Members of the pvblic have also shared their own encounters

But it was this eagle-eyed netizen’s observation that sent us reeling

The footprint has SIX. FREAKING. TOES!

Others were quick to dismiss the entire thing as a hoax

Some pointed out that it might be just a simple case of street children passing through the malls, but as @kyuriiie pointed out, street children aren’t allowed inside the mall’s vicinity in the first place.

What do you think? Is it legit or a dud?

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