Creative Bondee rooms that we’re absolutely living for


Bondee is taking over!

Within the span of a week, Bondee has taken the reigns on the Internet so of course, it was not safe from all the memes that got birthed through the imagination of its users.

The Internet is absolutely loving all the cute and customizable rooms on Bondee! Of course, Filipinos took advantage of this to show how they can think outside of the box. Facebook group Bondee Philippines seems to have been a platform and some sort of support group for Filipino Bondee users to showcase their rooms. Naturally, there were some fan favorites. Here are some of ours!

1. Hit us right in the feels

Facebook user CTFU Tagaytay posted a picture of a Bondee room that seemed to have triggered a core memory in many Filipinos. It was a paint commercial that featured a man growing old in jail. Like faded paint engraved at the back of everyone’s mind, the Bondee room brightened up everyone’s memory of the iconic commercial.

2. Complete with permits and all!

Twitter user @imdyazyazura shared a funny room her neighbor had. The Internet found it hilarious that the room was selling all sorts of stuff from electric fans to books, plants, and humidifiers. The seller is even complete with a BIR permit.

3. Lights on or lights off?

If you can’t secure an interview with the Philippines’ king of all talk, Boy Abunda, in person, maybe your Bondee character can. Similar to the Facebook group Bondee Philippines, the Twitter account @bondeePH also shares creative Bondee rooms. Among them is Fast Talk with Boy A-bondee.

4. New cafe opening at Bondee!

The sky is the limit when creating your own room at Bondee so user @babyssev made the most of it by opening their own cafe! Their first 11 customers could even get a free iced americano and salmon lasagna.

Truly Filipinos have the most imaginative and creative minds, sometimes especially when it is to memes and jokes. These rooms are just a testament to how true this poses to be.

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