Crash Bandicoot could be coming to mobile soon


Our fave marsupial is back

…at least, probably. Per leaks from Twitter user JumpButton, 90s OG game Crash Bandicoot is set to be remastered in mobile app form.

Though there hasn’t been an official announcement, the game’s leaked photos suggest a Temple Run-esque gameplay that’s pretty on-brand for the hyper Bandicoot.


The leaked images include what appears to be the game logo, screenshots of the running gaming style, and a map of Wumpa Island.

JumpButton’s said that he found the game from now-hidden ads on Facebook, with gaming site Kotaku also sharing the game’s supposed ‘About‘ page.

The description confirms the ‘jump, slide, spin, and surf‘ running gameplay alongside features like weapon-making and base-building. It also mentions familiar Crash characters like Dr. Cortex, Coco, and Aku Aku.

Here’s to hoping they do justice to our wide-eyed Crash

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