A COVID-19 vaxx ‘exemption card’ doesn’t exist, DILG clarifies


Following the “no vaccine, no ride” and “no vaccine, no entry” policy, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) warned the public that there is no such thing as a COVID-19 vaccination exemption card.

DILG Undersecretary and Spokesperson Jonathan Malaya explained that the fake cards aren’t authorized, issued, nor recognized by the government. It might be used by unvaxxed individuals to be exempted from stay-at-home orders, ride public transportation, and enjoy other privileges.

According to reports received by the department, the unauthorized cards supposedly originated in Facebook groups and group chats for the Davao region and SOCCSKSARGEN. It also looks similar to the green COVID-19 vaccination cards issued to several LGUs.

The said groups ask people to put their name, birthdate, address, and signatures on the so-called “exemption cards”, which can allegedly be registered to LGUs and recognized along with actual vaxx cards.

Malaya said the government will never issue such cards since it counters to the national vaccination program to inoculate the population. He said in a press release, ‘Malaking kalokohan ito.’

‘Hinding-hindi mag-iisyu ng exemption ang pamahalaan kanino man (Maliban na ang for medical reasons) dahil ang gusto nga natin ay mabakunahan na ang lahat bilang proteksyon laban sa iba’t ibang COVID-19 variants,’ he added.

Malaya also called out local authorities to be more vigilant when inspecting vaccination cards at provincial and regional borders. He also reminded them that only those who had been jabbed will be permitted to travel across borders or be allowed to use public transportation.

vaccination card, <b> A COVID-19 vaxx &#8216;exemption card&#8217; doesn’t exist, DILG clarifies</b>

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