Cops summoned a man after he did Salt Bae’s signature sprinkling move


There are a handful of public figures who have done hilarious poses that earned a spot in people’s meme bank. One of which is Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, more known as Salt Bae. His theatrical technique in putting condiments on a dish caught people’s attention in 2017. However, reports said that a vendor was summoned by the police for copying the chef’s iconic move.

In a video, Vietnamese beef noodle seller Bui Tuan Lam was sprinkling herbs into a bowl of soup in the same manner as the famous chef. He also creatively referred to himself as ‘Green Onion Bae’ in the caption.

The clip went viral around the time Vietnam’s Minister of Public Security made headlines for eating gold-encrusted steak at Salt Bae’s London restaurant. The 38-year-old vendor shared that police officers summoned him six days after the video was posted.

When Bui asked the officers why he was summoned, they said that it had “to be kept a secret”. However, he clarified that the cops didn’t bring up his Salt Bae-inspired video.

According to RFA, Bui was asked to “provide information about a criminal dealing for investigation work.” But in another report, he claimed that he had no ill intentions to against the government. He added, ‘The video I made was for fun and for advertising my beef noodle shop. More customers have been coming since I posted it.’

Earlier in April, Bui was criticized by authorities for “raising his voice for a better society”, which also led him to be summoned at that time. Police officials in Vietnam are known to summon and persecute activists and people who are publicly critical of the government.

Whether or not the viral video of a mere vendor has a connection to the Vietnamese communist leader’s expensive dining, the issue has already raised questions on why the high-ranking official would allow himself to be filmed during a nationwide crackdown on corruption.

salt bae, <b> Cops summoned a man after he did Salt Bae&#8217;s signature sprinkling move</b>

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