‘Cooking Mama’ is finally coming to Nintendo Switch


‘Don’t worry, Mama will fix it’

It’s time to get domestic, as the classic cooking simulation game ‘Cooking Mama‘ is finally making its Nintendo Switch debut this coming March.

In the trailer for the new game titled ‘Cooking Mama: CookStar‘, all of the OG gameplay elements like slicing, prepping, and baking are welcome throwbacks to the franchise. Even Mama’s enraged sound when you mess up is nostalgia to the ears, TBH.

While it’s been three years since Cooking Mama had released a new game, the love for the game hasn’t depleted as it’s been a steady video game staple since 2006 with a whopping 12 released games. Mama’s been busy.

Meanwhile, since the series originated on the Nintendo DS with 3DS and Wii follow-ups, it’ll be interesting to see how the Switch’s Joy-cons will change up the gameplay. We’ll just try not to disappoint Mama again.

‘Cooking Mama: CookStar’ will drop this March for $39.99 (PHP 2,000+)

Banner and article photos from Cooking Mama: CookStar – Debut Trailer