How many lives can be saved with a single conversation?

Gelo Lasin

Depression and suicide

These two seem to be the foremost problems plaguing the general pvblic nowadays.

While tons of programs and medications are offered for said issues, as Pamela Ramirez reminds us, sometimes all it takes is a single conversation.

Pamela shared her story

This is a long post, but can u pls take time to read it? I was in Starbucks when this happened.It was a legit busy…

تم النشر بواسطة ‏‎Pamela Bridget Ramirez‎‏ في السبت، ٦ أكتوبر ٢٠١٨


Pamela was at Starbucks when she chanced upon a note written by a woman who just left the table which Pamela now occupies. It reads:

‘How many more heartaches do I have to count before I could ever find the one that never leaves? I miss you Francis. Hintayin mo ako love, susunod na ako.’

Sensing that something was up, she immediately followed the mystery woman, who was smoking outside.

‘I know that face. Idk why, but I see the desperate suicidal face. I saw me in her’ , Pamela wrote.

In the blink of an eye, she found herself asking the woman if something was wrong. Understandably, she got hit with a ‘Wtf? Are u crazy?’, but the snarky reply didn’t faze Pamela at all.

‘I know you’re about to quit your life. You can tell me about this note. You can trust me.’

The mystery woman immediately broke down… and told Pamela her story.

The reason

‘She told me her fiance left her. For good. He committed suicide.

He’s depressed and he thinks he’s being a burden to her. He died and she blames herself for working her ass off for their future and not actually having to talk to him that often because of their busy schedules.’ 

Through all the hugs and emotional convos, Pamela knew that deep inside, her new acquaintance was strong-willed, even if she looked vulnerable at that moment.

She adds:

‘I just hope my words cleared her mind for having any ideation of killing herself in the future. I’ll include you to my prayers starting now, K. You are not alone. And please keep fighting.’

Life Lesson

Thru her experience, Pamela chose to remind everyone about one important fact.

‘We often forget one of the little things in life: Effective communication. Imagine how many lives can be saved with a simple conversation?’

‘Talk to your friends. Check on them. They might be losing a battle for themselves. It’s not too late. Reach out to people, especially to those who needed it.’

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