‘Constantine’ is reportedly getting a sequel

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The cinematic rumor mill is churning once again after news broke that 2005’s Constantine, which stars Keanu Reeves, is reportedly getting a sequel. The reveal was courtesy of long-time actor Peter Stormare (Prison Break, Armaggedon), who played Lucifer in the original film.

Stormare posted on Instagram a photo of a review about his take on the character, along with the caption ‘Sequel in the Works’. The Swedish actor would double-down on his reveal, adding a second, more extensive post about his role.

News of the sequel is the first of its kind, as no studio has confirmed of the development. However, as Screen Rant notes, it would be strange for Stormare to drop the news without first being contacted for the part.

In a July interview with Variety, Keanu Reeves also expressed interest in revisiting the film, noting that he had ‘a blast playing the character and that world’. Keanu is no stranger to reprising older roles, as he’s returning as Neo in Matrix 4, which is slated for a 2021 release.

Constantine, <b> &#8216;Constantine&#8217; is reportedly getting a sequel </b>
Instagram – Peter Stormare

ICYDK, Constantine is an adaptation of DC’s Hellblazer comics, which follows occult detective John Constantine and his encounters against the paranormal. The film initially received negative reactions from critics and comic purists, who noted the deviations from the source material, including the decision to make the character American instead of British.

It has since gained a cult following in recent years and is regarded by some as an underrated entry in Keanu Reeve’s filmography.