This ‘Congress Sign Generator’ lets you poke fun at privileged politicians


By now, you’ve probably heard of Congress having the audacity to associate themselves with our heroic
frontliners. Our politicians placed themselves on the same level as individuals who are regularly sacrificing
their lives during this outbreak – and the pvblic was simply not having it.

Keywords such as ‘Ang Kakapal‘ trended on Twitter and people themselves have resorted to creating their
own unique and not-so-subtle jabs at our lawmakers.


But if you lack basic editing skills, you can take advantage of our Congress Sign Generator so you can
still join in on the fun! Simply input your preferred line, click submit, then presto, you are now a full-fledged

You also have the option to save your meme so you could share it with your friends! Try it below:

To Save > Right Click > Save Image as...

Canvas requires a browser that supports HTML5.