Apart from government killjoys and red-minded conspiracy theorists, the community pantries have been a welcome breath of fresh air. Nothing gets the old dopamine rush going than seeing communities band together for a cause.

Patricia Non, the person who kickstarted the initiative, says there are around 350 pantries in the Philippines today, with the numbers constantly growing.

‘Iba talaga ang lakas ng bayanihan ng mga Pilipino pag nagtutulungan’, shared Non. ‘Lahat ay welcome dito, walang pinipili edad, kasarian, kapansanan, relihiyon, ethnicity, at socio-economic class at politikal na paniniwala.’

With a great number of stalls, it’s inevitable that the simple idea of ‘take what you need, give what you can’ would have its own spinoffs. One such example is a community pantry reserved for delivery riders organized by Abu Poblete and her family. The table is filled with cup noodles, biscuits, coffee, anything these frontliners need for their well-deserved break.

Another one is from LGBT organization Bahaghari, who truly made the initiative their own, complete with a rainbow flag and a placard that reads ‘Gumeching vatai sa Needine Lustre’. 

According to the group, the supplies already ran out by 12nn, but they are accepting donations at 35 Scout Delgado, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City. Donations are also accepted via G-Cash at 09275831576.

The next two are just plain amusing and relatable. ‘Kumuha ng base sa workload’, reads one community office pantry. The hero that every burned-out, working-class peep deserves.

The other shows a tray full of leche flan, the supposed offering of the anonymous woman who infamously took home a tray of eggs. Yeah, we know, it’s a spoof, but one thing’s for sure, the woman and the rest of her group who cleaned house, has since apologized for the incident.

Lastly, here’s a reminder that the act of kindness isn’t only reserved for fellow humans. Avien Rosete, along with Helping Paws PH, has created a ‘Community Paw-ntry’ (get it?) at Kalayaan Ave. Makati.

‘Huwag natin kalimutan na bahagi rin sila ng ating community’, reads the post.The spot, which features free food and water for strays, is also accepting donations via the Phurky Pets Khommunity Page