Common arguments against homosexuality and how to rebut them

Kat Mayuga

The calendar says it’s 2018 and although our fight for equality has come a long way, members of the LGBT community still experience discrimination on a daily basis. An example of such instance is how people still use the word ‘gay’ as an insult.

It would be unsurprising if, at some point, you find yourself arguing with someone about homosexuality. If ever you find yourself trapped in that situation, remember to argue with logic and reason.

Listed below are some of the common arguments people throw against the LGBT community and how to rebut them.

“It’s unnatural.”
According to an article from Yale Scientific, homosexual behavior from animals may be much more common than previously thought. It has been documented in 450 different species. The findings of biologists Nathan W. Bailey and Marlene Zuk even implied benefits to same-sex behavior. You know what exists in humans that doesn’t exist in any other species? You guessed it: Homophobia.

“If we accept homosexuality, God will punish us with storms and earthquakes.”
In this day and age, some people still believe that earthquakes and storms were caused by homosexuality, that it’s a signal for us to stop. These are natural occurrences that have scientific explanations and have no connection to whatever people are doing inside their bedrooms.

“It’s a sin according to the Bible.”
Do you know what other normal things we do that are forbidden in the Bible? Eating shrimp (Leviticus 10-11), working on a Saturday (Exodus 31:14-15), wearing those trendy distressed jeans (Leviticus 10:6). I could go on, but my point is that the bible contains scriptures that many Christians no longer follow. To consider one verse as timeless truth and the other as outdated is hypocritical.

“Same-sex couples can’t produce children.”
Using this argument is like saying we enter relationships so we can produce children. There are plenty of reasons why we enter relationships. Also, if they use this argument, do they mean to say that infertile heterosexual couples shouldn’t get married either?

“It’s a tradition that only a man and a woman can marry.”
Show them a list of traditions that have been abolished due to human rights violations. Hint: one of them is slavery. Just because something has been the norm for years doesn’t mean it should continue forever.

“But my children will turn gay if they see you!”
Seeing two people of the same sex holding hands won’t turn your kids gay. It’s the same as how homosexual people don’t magically turn straight when they see heterosexual couples everywhere. Besides, there’s nothing wrong if your child turns out to be gay.

“It’s against my religion.”
If it’s against your religion, then don’t get into a same-sex relationship, but don’t impose your beliefs. Just because you do or don’t do something on account of your religion doesn’t mean others should be like you. Following that logic, you shouldn’t eat bacon because Muslims aren’t allowed to eat pork. Besides, not everyone is in the same religions as yours.

“Studies have shown that children who grew up with heterosexual parents fare better than those raised by same-sex couples.”
This wasn’t really proved. In fact, there are many studies that show that same-sex couples can be just as capable as heterosexual couples. Those studies that claim that homosexual couples cannot be good parents were biased and funded by anti-LGBT organizations. Here is an inspiring story of how Taisce Gillespie grew up with two moms and turned out fine.

“Ok, fine. You’re gay, but why should you get special treatment?”
The members of the LGBT community are not even asking for anything special. We want nothing more than what the straights are having: being handed equal rights and being treated humanely.

These are some of the common arguments that homophobic people use to justify their hate. Always remember that instead of hurling personal attacks at them, use logic and reason to prove your point.

Yes, people may have their own opinions, but opinions can turn out to be uninformed. Try to educate them. It may be a long and tedious process, but it will be worth it. Love will always win.

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