Coming Out shouldn’t be an obligation


Coming out of the closet surely does feel good and is a proud moment.

But is it an obligation to come out or reveal your sexuality?

Coming Out is when people from the LGBTQ+ community reveal their sexuality to others. It is a very touching moment for them since they reveal their identity after keeping it secret for a while.

Unfortunately, coming out is being taken advantage of. And sometimes, can even become a form of harassment into revealing their identity even if they are not ready. 

So the question is…is coming out an obligation?

The answer is NO.

It is their choice

Respect their decision of wanting to come out or not wanting to come out. Their identity, their choice. Simple as that. Everybody’s confidence level is different and we should not make the decision for them.

coming out, <b> Coming Out shouldn’t be an obligation </b>

Forcing them to come out violates their rights

Consent is the number one rule. No means no.

Forcing people to do something against their will is a violation of their rights. If they don’t want to come out, don’t force them.

Also, a friendly reminder to not out people.

coming out, <b> Coming Out shouldn’t be an obligation </b>

Coming out should be a proud and safe moment

There are different ways of coming out: in social media, with peers, with friends, and with family members. Whether coming out to a large or small group, that moment should be proud. Don’t take that away from them.

Saying words like, “you should’ve told me” doesn’t help because this will make the closeted feel guilty and pressured for not coming out sooner. Instead, make them feel safe.

coming out, <b> Coming Out shouldn’t be an obligation </b>

Coming out is a choice, not an obligation.

If people want to come out on social media, let them. Others might want to come out to their friends, not their families. And that is okay, too. Either way, respect their choices and don’t force anybody to do anything against their will.

Most of all, respect who they are.

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