4 LEGIT reasons why Cole Sprouse is actually your perfect ‘Darna’

Gelo Lasin

In case you missed it, Globe Telecom had our fave Riverdale stars reenact famous lines from Filipino films.


And while KJ Apa as Popoy is priceless, the main standout has to be Cole Sprouse channeling his inner ‘Darna’.


Cole did such a good job that if he ever decided to don the iconic bikini, we would be more than happy to stan on his behalf.

1. He has THE ‘shout’ down to pat

His ‘Ding! Ang ba-tow!’ has a nice ‘conyo’ twang to it, making ‘Darna’ a bit more appealing to your sosyal friends who can’t be bothered to watch Pinoy films.


2. He’s just as gorgeous as Liza Soberano

I mean… c’mon.


3. It’s about time we mixed it up


With everyone stanning progressiveness and being #woke nowadays, there ain’t no reason NOT to give ‘Darna’ a fresh, 2018 revamp.

So far, we’ve had 13 actresses play the iconic role. Why can’t we have a dude swallow the stone for once?

Besides, as Marvel already turned Thor into a woman, we could prob give it a shot.

4. People are hella thirsty for it


Make it happen, Pinas!