Coffee is officially endangered, thanks to climate change

Gelo Lasin

Things just got real

If you think climate change is some far-fetched myth that won’t affect us in the near future, then think again.

As published by Science Advances, our favorite morning booster is officially considered endangered, as 60% of the 125 wild coffee species in the world are now threatened with extinction, thanks to diseases, climate change, and deforestation.

Included in the endangered list is Arabica, which is responsible for around 70% of the world’s supply of coffee. It’s notable for being pretty difficult to grow, as it cannot survive under intense heat and droughts – which are byproducts of climate change.

While we do not directly drink these wild variants (as we consume farm-grown coffee), they are used to genetically enhance the ones we do against diseases, insects and increasingly warmer climates.

Losing them, therefore, will be a¬†huge blow to the world’s coffee production overall, as our mainstream coffees will eventually succumb to these unfavorable environmental pressures.

So if you can’t imagine losing your fave Starbucks Frap for good, then it’s about time you did your part in saving the world. We can think of a few places to start with, such as Manila Bay, perhaps?