One of the difficulties faced by Filipinos during this pandemic is looking for a hospital that accepts COVID-positive patients. The Cobeds19 app was created to help Filipinos seeking hospital beds for family members who are struck by the virus.

Behind the app is Mara Reyes, a Filipino data scientist based in Australia. She’s a graduate of the University of the Philippines Diliman and has a master’s degree in data science from the University of Sydney.

cobeds 19, <b>&#8216;Cobeds19&#8217; app will help you find hospitals with vacant COVID beds</b>
Photo from Unsplash

The app has a straightforward interface. It shows a map of the Philippines with hospital bed icons as a guide. The green icon indicates hospitals with available COVID-19 beds, while the red icon means they’re occupied. On the other hand, colorblind individuals will see the hospital vacancies in blue if there are available beds, and dark red means otherwise.

Once you click on the hospital location of your choice, it will show its contact details like landline number, address, and website. It also shows the last time it updated its vacancy.

In an article by Inquirer, Reyes shared that the app’s accuracy will depend on the information posted by her source, the Department of Health (DOH)’s government data. For their part, DOH claims that their DOH Data Collect tracker is updated every day and that “hospitals are compliant since April 2020.”

‘For now, I can only make use of data that is available to us. Aside from that, not all hospitals update on a daily basis. I’m not sure if DOH can compel hospitals to provide them timely info, but I’m guessing our front-liners in the hospitals also have their hands full,’  Reyes shared.

The app is accessible through any handheld devices and computers by visiting