This Christmas video shows you what moms go through behind the scenes of a Noche Buena

We The Pvblic

She paces the floor from the Christmas tree to the Christmas lights, trying to get everything all nice and dandy.

She gift wraps everyone’s presents to place them neatly underneath the almost-finished Christmas tree.

She gives her all in what she cooks just before Noche Buena because that’s what you should expect from your mom — the best.

Lady’s Choice’s Christmas video takes the pvblic “Behind The Scenes” of a Noche Buena. It’s a wonderful insight that shows you what your mom goes through to have the best Christmas with you and your family.

Her daughter asks her if it could be like this every time — and her mom flashbacks to all the hardships she had to go through to make this happen.

But then she sees the warm smiles, the slow-mo of all her family and relatives getting together and having the time of their lives. “‘Nak, promise, every year, ganito lagi ang pasko,” she answers.

What a wonderful sight to see. Don’t forget to enjoy the holidays with your family!

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