Chris Hemsworth just made the ‘Men In Black’ spinoff a hella lot yummier

Gelo Lasin

If only we could be as #blessed as Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is starring alongside his ‘Thor:Ragnarok’ co-star Tessa Thompson in a new Men In Black movie based on set photos released on Twitter.



Chris stars as British operative Agent H (which we assume stands for ‘Hottie’) while Tessa plays UFO conspiracy theorist named ‘Em’, which, judging by the pics, becomes a part of MIB as well.

Beyond the casting and the confirmation that it’s a sequel and not a reboot, nothing else is much known about the movie.

Altho we can def guarantee we’re going to be hella distracted throughout the flick

Twitter – @cevangelista413

I mean…

Dude’s wink is more attractive than my entire face

Oh and here’s a clip of him working out for the movie



Which left the pvblic a little… thirsty





Dude could turn a group of girls into a waterslide

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