We’re so busy choosing sides, we forgot to choose the truth


If there’s anything that the misinformation surrounding the SEA Games prove, it’s that social media has officially turned us into sheeple.

When the kikiam issue first surfaced, many immediately jumped on the opportunity to ridicule the people in charge – including us. The issue of corruption and overbudgeting once again came to light. The Games were already tagged as a failure, having been labeled the next Fyre Festival.

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Never mind that the hotel serving the athletes had yet to air their side. Or that no self-respecting entity in their right mind would bet their names on kikiam and¬†tarnish their reputation on the nation’s biggest stage.

It turns out, the food offerings¬†weren’t as degrading as initially portrayed. Plus, several other issues surrounding the Games itself have also been debunked. But still, the damage has been done.

Most of us were quick to lay down final judgment – and why wouldn’t we? The news came from reputable sources after all, so it must be the absolute truth, right?

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But the thing is, the media themselves have admitted that they are far from perfect. They make mistakes, which is understandable, since they are human after all. But in the age of social media, all it takes is one viral misstep – even those that are unintentional – to influence a false mindset from the pvblic.

It’s the reason why, more than ever, we need to practice the virtue of holding reservations. Instead of being impulsive, let’s take the time to ponder: Is it the whole story? Or is there more to it? What does the other side have to say?

With the overload of info that social media provides, let’s not take everything at face value right away. Once the entire narrative has been explored, then, by all means, criticize or praise as you please. But not before work has been done beforehand.

Besides, social media has been around for ages. At this point, we should all be aware of the damaging consequences of being easily-influenced individuals, blinded by our political affiliations.

Failure to fact check makes us no better than the people who spread misleading info to further their agendas. The truth is the truth, regardless of the political color it takes.

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