This ain’t it, chief

ICYMI, the Chinese Embassy recently dropped a song called ‘Iisang Dagat’ as a show of solidarity during the current coronavirus pandemic.  The propagan- erm, ‘music’ video, which promotes China as the Philippines’ best buddy during the crisis, relays that the two ‘stand as one, fight as one, and heal as one’.

Ikaw at ako’y nasa iisang dagat / Ang iyong pagmamahal aking kasama /Ang iyong kamay ay hindi ko bibitawan, sings the chorus.

But in stark contrast to the MV’s ‘friendly’ approach, the reception has been anything but. With only 477k views, the clip has already tallied 1.9k likes and a whopping 139k dislikes on YouTube as of writing.

On social, it hasn’t fared any better. Many point out that the ‘Iisang Dagat’ title is ironic, considering China continues to claim and militarize certain parts of the West PH Sea despite protests from its neighbors.

Most recently, a Chinese warship even readied its guns against the Filipino navy when the latter got to close to a disputed reef, which suggests that it’s not only our ‘hands’ that they’re not willing to let go off.

iisang dagat, <b> Chinese Embassy&#8217;s &#8216;Iisang Dagat&#8217; has 139k dislikes on YouTube &#8211; and counting </b>