People showed love for Chienna Filomeno after body-shaming issue

Gelo Lasin

The recently concluded ABS-CBN Ball saw netizens give hilariously honest reviews of their fave celebs’ outfits for the night. And while most of them were in good fun, some just took it a little bit too far.

Case in point: Chienna Filomeno

The 22-year-old received a lot of body-shaming comments, which poked fun at her supposedly ‘flat-chested’ look.

Twitter – @sarahescu

People were quick to defend the actress, with some asking: So what if she doesn’t have big boobs?

Others pointed out that she actually slays in whatev look she has – and we absolutely agree

Chienna has since spoken up about the issue

And even tweeted a formal statement about it

The Kapamilya star shared her disdain for society’s unreasonable body standards and how body shaming is never ok.

She ended with the caption:

‘Every body is beautiful! We are beautiful! No body is a tragedy. And don’t ever let anyone shame you for being you.’

Keep on slaying Chie! Don’t mind the haters

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