Chie Filomeno gets body-shamed AGAIN; claps back at bashers


Another year, another ABS CBN Ball which means that the Internet is alive again with fresh memes and reactions from the star-studded event.  Amongst the endless fashion critiques, actress Chie Filomeno has once again become the butt of jokes on social for her look.

Chie "How Do You Sleep" Filomena .

Posted by Rant on Saturday, September 14, 2019


People pointed out the supposed uncomfortable nature of her dress around the chest area. Comments such as ‘Push kung push na to, teh’, ‘How does she breathe’, and ‘Trying hard’ were the most common reactions.

Chie has since replied to her bashers with a mix of #realtalk and humor, saying ‘Problemahin niyo problema niyo’ and ‘Nagpa vulcanize lang, mahihimatay agad?’


The GirlTrends member was also body-shamed at last year’s ball for her ‘flat-chested’ look and responded virtually the same way, writing:

Body shaming is not okay…Stop talking about fat or skinny women or men like their bodies are a tragedy. Their bodies are beautiful… Don’t ever let anyone shame you for being you.’



Still, Chie’s experience at this year’s ball wasn’t all that bad. The 23-year-old actually looked stunning and caught eyes for the dress that she wore for the night.


Plus, she was even game enough to poke fun at her girl group’s viral dance blunder. We stan a girl with a sense of humor!