Check out this cool pedestrian lane that’ll get you hungry

We The Pvblic

We love fry days.

FacebooK: Batang Baliwag

We guess Jollibee is stepping up its game and making much more of an impact than it did before because now, it wants you to be safe in its new pedestrian lane when you cross the street.

Facebook user Batang Baliuag shared a photo of the street art of Jollibee’s French fry holder with bits of french fries as part of the pedestrian lane. The pvblic pointed out that you can see this pedestrian lane in Baliuag, Bulacan.

Wherever it is, it’s a pretty great artwork that doesn’t only get you to the other side of the street, but maybe even inside the Jollibee near it to satisfy some french fry cravings!

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