Cheaters like Jason Hernandez need to stop using their exes for clout and allow them peace


Jason Marvin Hernandez, please stop playing with your ex-wife’s feelings for clout.

If you have any ounce of respect left for your ex-partner, please leave her alone.

Jason Marvin Hernandez, who many know as singer Moira Dela Torre’s unfaithful ex-husband recently made noise on the Internet as he seemingly soft-launched a mystery woman on his Instagram story. The post intrigued the Internet, wondering if Jason had finally found a new love. While the possibility that it might have been the ‘Paubaya‘ singer herself, giving their relationship another chance also played on the netizen’s minds. However, Moira was firm in saying “Hindi po” to a comment that asked if the unnamed woman was her.

The pair announced their separation in May of 2022, so if Jason had already moved on with someone new, then honestly, it’s okay. The only problem the Internet had with that is at least, for the sake of his ex-wife’s peace, as he claims to still care about her, he should practice a bit of sensitivity and not do anything that could affect her healing process as he was the one who did damage their relationship in the first place. A little delikadeza on his part wouldn’t hurt anybody.

Frankly speaking, if all he did was post an Instagram story with a mystery woman and left things like that, then life goes on for everybody.

But apparently, the “mystery woman” on his Instagram story and post was an actress for the music video of his new song ‘Ikaw Parin’, which is a song made to express the feelings he still has for Moira.


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Posting a new woman on your feed showing you’ve moved on is one thing, but disregarding your ex-wife’s feelings by using clips from your wedding, according to Moira’s sister who reacted to the release of the music video through her Twitter account which she since then has deleted, were clips Jason did not ask Moira for consent to use, for a music video and song that’s supposed to show regret for your relationship is peak insensitivity, according to the Internet.

Why did he need to use clips with his ex-wife who he’s betrayed for the MV? Is he really sacrificing her mental well-being and peace all for an ounce of clout from her? So more people will watch the video and listen to his music?

As if using an actress and “soft-launching” her to cause a stir for his upcoming release isn’t bad enough.

Furthermore, Jason, in a now-deleted Facebook post, responded to Moira’s sister claiming he tried to woe the singer multiple times in the past year but achieved no avail.

True enough, no one knows the full story behind the closed doors of their marriage and personal lives, but it’s also not that hard to not be insensitive. In fact, it really is easy. No one can blame Jason for wanting to try to make an effort to fix their relationship, but if Moira wants to be left with her peace, the most respectful thing to do if he truly loves her still, is to give her what she wants.

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