A UK channel broadcasted “The Emoji Movie” instead of Queen Elizabeth’s funeral


Channel 5 is under fire for airing “The Emoji movie” 

The network is being scrutinized for not showing content about the royal’s passing

UK’s Channel 5 was the only channel that did not show royal-related content during Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral last September 19 while the other UK channels such as BBC One, BBC Two, and ITV broadcasted the late queen’s funeral live, and Channel 4 aired a documentary about the Queen.

Much scrutiny and mocking have been shared on the Internet about Channel 5’s choice of programming, though it was most likely because of the declaration of the late Queen’s funeral as a public holiday and the network may have just wanted to offer an option for the children to watch.

Every morning, Channel 5 airs a block programming for children where “The Emoji Movie” belonged to.

Since the Queen’s passing, UK networks such as BBC One are to yet return to normal program scheduling following the announcement of the late Queen’s poor health and death.

However, the outpour of sadness and condolences to the family and country was not without any criticism. BBC confirmed last week that they had received a small number of complaints about the excessive coverage of the Queen and the royals since her death last September 8, 2022.

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